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To prevent this attacks developer adds an anti csrf token. Contribute to coldbox modulescboxcsrf development by creating an account on github. I wrote up a blog entry with a code example to illustrate this. Mitigating csrf attacks in single page applications.

The csrfverifytoken result will still pass until you generate another csrf token with the same key, at that point it will get invalidated. In previous two posts i have covered functions added in coldfusion10 to avoid xss attack. Announcing web application firewall for coldfusion july 9, 2007. When you are using csrfgeneratetoken and csrfverifytoken with unique. In coldfusion 10, two new functions csrfgeneratetoken and csrfverifytoken are added to protect your coldfusion web application against a csrf attack. Provides a random token and stores it in the session. In an application, state changes can include profile data, like the email address, user password, or biography, or transferring funds. Used to help prevent crosssite request forgery csrf attacks. Remove or disable any software on the server that is not required. Crosssite request forgery or csrf or xsrf or seasurf is one of the oldest attacks against web apps.

Today im going to talk about crosssite request forgery csrf and, specifically, how to prevent it in coldfusion 9. Coldfusion csrf xss attack prevention stack overflow. Owasp has an excellent overview of csrf if youre unfamiliar with this vulnerability or need a refresher this plugin helps protect against csrf attacks by authorizing all post requests against the users session. Use csrfgeneratetoken to generate a unique token for each form submission. Here is an example on how to add the csrf protection. Csrf, or crosssite request forgery, isnt about protecting data from being retrieved, but protecting data from being changed.

Validates the passed in token against the token stored in the session for a specific key. Contribute to coldboxmodulescboxcsrf development by creating an account on github. Cfdocs functions coldfusion 10 new functions and tags. So if you are making single use tokens then you need to invalidate the old token by calling csrfgeneratetoken with the same tokenvar after you call csrfverifytoken. Use this function to validate the given token against the same stored in the session for a specific key. As per wikipedia this is 909th most dangerous software bug ever found. Preventing csrf attacks in coldfusion 9 travis horn. Token that to be validated against the token stored in the session. Out of the box, cfwheels applications have a crosssite request forgery csrf security vulnerability. You can also provide a specific key to store in the session. To mitigate csrf attacks, cfml has two builtin methods to handle csrf tokens csrfgeneratetoken and csrfverifytoken.

Crosssite request forgery is as described on wikipedia. Avoid csrf attack with coldfusion 10 isummation usa. A coldfusion 8 jwt component for encoding and decoding json web tokens. Shubham shah discovered a vulnerability in the coldfusion application. A very useful technique to bypass the csrf protection for fun and profit.

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